Often criticised Real Madrid ace on pace to break 40 year old club record

Real Madrid are probably the club best known for making big transfers and constantly looking for the next superstar, with every transfer window becoming a circus as they get linked with every decent player in Europe.

When you couple that with the legacy of Iker Casillas, it’s easy to see why Thibaut Courtois gets a lot of stick despite not doing a lot wrong. He does make the odd mistake, but he seems to the player that gets the most criticism when things go wrong, but it actually looks like he’s on the verge of history.

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A report from Therealchamps has alluded to the Belgian keeper getting a lot of stick, but they also detail how he’s on the verge of breaking a 40 year old club record.

This was something that Casillas never managed to do, so it would be impressive if he manages it. As of now, he’s on pace to break the record of the fewest goals allowed at the halfway point of the season.


Often criticized but on the verge of history

The report shows that Paco Buyo conceded only 12 in the 87/88 season, but if Courtois can go through his next three games without conceding then that record will belong to him.

In the same way that the keeper shouldn’t take all the blame when things go wrong, the defence also deserves a lot of credit for their part in this, but it shows that Courtois is doing better than a lot of the negative attention directed towards him would suggest.

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