Ajax star David Neres reveals how he got REVENGE on two girls who teased him as a kid

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When you consider some of the stories that have been floating about in recent years, a footballer ending up with two girls in a fancy hotel room does make you fear for what might come next.

Thankfully this example from Ajax’s David Neres is more wholesome than you might expect, it’s really just some petty revenge for something that happened to him as a kid:

It’s hard to figure out who comes out of this with any credit, but anyone who enjoys some petty vengeance will appreciate the effort from the Brazilian.

We will never know how badly these girls teased him as a youngster, but if they were suddenly willing to drop all of their previous complaints and jumped at the chance to go to a hotel with him now that he’s rich and famous, they don’t sound like absolute angels.

The way he tells the story it does sound like they bullied him, so that makes his actions a bit more acceptable, but it’s also a bit harsh when you have to think they were also children when this happened.

They do say that revenge is a dish best served cold, especially when it comes with a side of a giant hotel bill to settle as well.


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