Video: “If you don’t believe, get out” Funny Jose Mourinho press conference as he discusses Spurs defeating Liverpool

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We’ve seen enough of Jose Mourinho over the years to know that his press conferences can be unpredictable, this one was funny but also incredibly uneasy at the same time.

In a weird way he comes across as far more sinister when he’s happy and joking. When he’s furious and finding excuses then everyone’s used to that, but the jovial mood is a difficult one to figure out.

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He was discussing the possibility of Spurs defeating Liverpool tomorrow, and even uses a terrified club employee as part of his act:

Spurs are at home but they go into the game without Harry Kane and face a Liverpool team yet to lose this season. Historically this seems like the kind of game where Mourinho would produce a defensive masterclass and come away with a win, but even he knows that very few people think his team can do it.


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