Football agent jailed after horrific kidnapping case with £500k ransom

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In a harrowing tale, football agent Michael Etuhu has been jailed after a kidnap case where a £500,000 ransom was demanded.

The case revolves around Etuhu, who was helped by four others who all also face jail time for their part in the plot while a fifth man is also wanted by the police.

According to The Mirror, the group snatched their victim believing that he was a wealthy drug dealer as they posed as police officers.

It’s added that he was held captive for 12 hours and was tasered and had hairs on his arm singed in what can only be described as an horrific ordeal.

“Right then, we know who you are and what you do,” one of the men guilty is said to have told the victim. “Get us everything that we want and everything will be alright.

“We know where your wife is. Where your mum is. Where your dad is. We know where your house is.

“We can go and arrest them now if we wanted to.

“But we’ll make it easy, you tell us where everything is and we’ll let you go. Simple.

“You know what this is about. Your people have f***** my people over.”

It’s noted that the gang wanted the victim to have £500,000 delivered to an address in Birmingham, a combination of £100k in cash and the rest made up of heroin and cocaine.

Fortunately, police were able to locate the gang through the phone calls and armed officers stormed the building to retrieve the victim while the men responsible have all been jailed for seven years or over for their roles in the plot.

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