Jurgen Klopp open to clinching £85m forward transfer for Liverpool

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This looks like it could be one of the greatest seasons of all time from Liverpool, but they can’t afford to stand still and allow other sides to catch up with them.

In some ways the toughest thing for Jurgen Klopp could be finding a way to keep the team evolving and ensure they keep this run up. The current team plays brilliantly together and it’s hard to see where improvements could be made, but this potential signing would raise a lot of questions.

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According to a report from Spanish source El Desmarque, it is implied that Klopp has communicated a desire for his club to spend big on Dembele, valued at £85milllion, admitting that he could give his forward line something a little different from his current attacking options.

That signing could work out in a few different ways. It’s not impossible that one of the front three might decide they’ve achieved all they can and decide they want to move on, so he would be an able replacement if that was the case.

If Mane, Firmino and Salah all stay then one of them would need to accept a back-up role. Dembele is currently stuck as a back up at Barca so it would be a surprise if he accepted a move to a similar situation.

Ousmane Dembele in action

There’s always the possibility that Klopp wants a top class player to act as a rotation option, this would give him a chance to rest everyone and make sure they all get a lot of playing time, but that could also upset the balance of the forward line.

Eldesmarque are known for either being spot on or wildly wide of the mark, so at this point it still seems unlikely that this move would happen, but it could be an interesting story to watch in the Summer.

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