Man City players party with 15 Instagram girls after thumping Aston Villa 6-1

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There’s often outrage when a team is spotted partying or even cracking a smile following a heavy defeat, angry fans will claim that they don’t care and it generally looks bad.

That would suggest that the opposite should happen when a team wins my a huge margin. It certainly looked like some of the Man City players were enjoying themselves after beating Aston Villa 6-1, but it’s not clear if this was always planned or a “reward”

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According to a story from Dagospia, the City players were greeted by “15 beautiful Italian girls” after the victory who appear to be Instagram influencers.

It’s then suggested they were all taken away to a private villa to “party” and you can see various pictures in their report here.

It sounds like this was arranged by an Italian PR company, although it’s not really clear what City get out of it, other than giving some of their players a treat.

A selection of images from the report

City don’t play until Saturday and it was reported that this all happened on their day off, but it also sounds like the party wasn’t just a one night thing either.

It’s hard to tell if this is a good or a bad look for the club, but you can imagine any wives or girlfriends of the players will be utterly delighted that their partners were taken away to spend this time with these women.