Photo: Sparse crowd for Manchester United vs Wolves may raise FA Cup replay question yet again

It’s still bizarre that football has got to a place where a once prestigious competition is now viewed as an inconvenience by certain clubs, but it also looks like the fans have lost some interest as well.

The prospect of abolishing replays in The FA Cup has been talked about for a while, but that could rob some lower league sides of some great fixtures and days out that they’ve earned in the original fixture.

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This image has emerged from Manchester United vs Wolves tonight, and it reflects badly on everyone:

It’s likely that images like this will make the sponsors uneasy and lead to further conversations to try and keep everyone happy.

Despite that, the fact remains that if you want to avoid a replay then you should at least try and win the first leg. United showed little ambition against Wolves in the first game, so this had to be expected on their part.