UEFA accused of manipulating their Team of The Year formation to ensure Cristiano Ronaldo features

It’s stories like these that really make you question the point of some things in football, especially when it comes to individual awards or constructing a Team of the Season.

You would think that it would make sense to simply take the players with the highest votes at each position and then put the team together, but you would be wrong.

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The Daily Mail has reported that UEFA manipulated the final formation to ensure that Cristiano Ronaldo featured in the final line up. If it’s a case of ensuring big names players feature despite what the results say, then what is the actual point?

He finished fourth in the forwards category, so instead of producing an actual formation you might see in real life, they’ve plumped for a fantasy one to force him into the line-up:

The final line up – Via The Daily Mail

Fans of the longstanding BBC team of the week will be used to similar behaviour from Garth Crooks when he selects his team, but he probably would’ve shoehorned Ronaldo in as a wing back instead.

It just makes the whole thing look like a farce and shows the governing bodies don’t care about actual reality, they just want to showcase the players who bring in the sponsors and money.

For reference, Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante was the player who should’ve featured in the team but was forced out due to the formation change

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