Pep Guardiola denies his Man City stars were partying with Instagram models following Aston Villa trouncing

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This certainly seems like a story that just won’t go away, although when you consider the whole thing was organised by a PR firm, that’s probably what they had in mind.

Everything seemed well on the Man City front as they produced one of their best performances this season to thump Aston Villa 6-1 last weekend, but then some details about their “team bonding” afterwards have raised some eyebrows.

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The Mirror has reported on the latest, and this might come down to who you believe the most. They allude to reports from Italy which suggested some of the players partied with 15 Instagram models who were flown in from Italy, while also claiming that one player had a furious partner as he arrived home at 7am in a bit of a state.

Obviously this was always going to get back to Pep Guardiola, but he appears to be spinning it a different way. According to the report he’s delighted that his players spend time together but they were in a restaurant after the game, and not at this alleged party.

Some of the images going around

There are plenty of pictures knocking about of the girls in question, but there doesn’t seem to be any of them and the City players in the same image, so only they know what will have gone on.

It’s fair to assume that their partners will rightfully be annoyed if they have been out all night partying with some very attractive models, but this could also be what the PR firm wanted in the first place.

As long as City win their next game the story will probably die down in the press, but don’t be surprised if any further details leak over the next few days.