Video: Hilarious moment sheepish fan in Ecuador appears to get rumbled by kiss cam

As with most sporting events around the world, the kiss cam has become a popular tool for some light-hearted fun during breaks in the game.

However, for this Barcelona SC fan during their clash with Delfin in Ecuador, it appears as though it may have caught him out with someone he shouldn’t have been with.

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As seen in the video below, it all looks cosy and romantic at first as the pair share a kiss and a cuddle. However, as he clocks on to the kiss cam being on them on the big screen, he immediately removes his arm from around his partner’s shoulder and looks away.

While it’s all far too late by that point, it leads a hilarious situation where he almost tries to pretend that he doesn’t know her and isn’t with her, but the damage has already been done.

It remains to be seen if further details come from this as it certainly looks as though he has been caught out and could have some serious explaining to do.

The woman in question doesn’t look particularly thrilled either by the way, and so the pair certainly look guilty…