Video: Gleeful Jurgen Klopp BRUTALLY shuts down journalist as he prepares to ask a “sh*t” question

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It’s easy to see why Jurgen Klopp might be in a jovial mood today, his team is flying and it looks like nobody can stop them.

It seems he’s so happy that he’s even willing to laugh about rubbish questions being put to him in a press conference, as he magnificently shuts down this reporter after he hesitated when asking a question:

You can tell that the laughter from the room indicates that they all know it’s a poor question, but it’s still going to be asked.

It’s inevitable that Liverpool will face constant questions like this until they lose or the league is sewn up, but everyone must know that Klopp won’t make any comments that could come back to bite him.

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You can imagine that the journalist asking the question was probably a bit humiliated after this one.


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