Liverpool fans hilariously refuse to allow Barcelona to forget epic comeback with ongoing trolling

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I suppose if you want to have a proper gloat you need to be committed and keep it going for a long time, which is exactly what a load of Liverpool fans are doing to Barcelona just now.

Football fans all around the world will remember the great Liverpool comeback against Barcelona where they overturned a 3-0 defeat in the first leg to win 4-0.

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The crowning moment of that comeback came when Trent Alexander-Arnold showed some quick thinking at a corner and caught the entire Barcelona defence asleep.

You have to think the memory of that is something the Barca players and fans will never forget, but a look at Barcelona’s Twitter page just now shows they won’t be allowed to forget it either.

There’s far too many of them to credit individually, but have a scroll through the replies to their tweets and it’s just countless pictures, videos and gifs of that moment:

That’s just a few, there are so so many!

Celebrations against Barcelona

It’s also important to remember that the Real Madrid fan base also have a tendency to be petty, so you wouldn’t rule out a few of them jumping on board with this and hammering home the pain for Barca.

Many might see it as needless or even a bit pathetic, but some petty gloating and childish behaviour is always entertaining in football.

It might be funny for the Liverpool fans now, but this will almost certainly come back to bite them years in the future when the shoe is on the other foot.

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