Man United fans branded “an absolute disgrace” by BBC commentator for chant wishing death on Ed Woodward

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It’s clear that Man United have been the subject of awful ownership and a lack of direction for a while. Obviously a number of fans have had enough, but I’m sure we can all agree that this is too far.

The Mirror reported on comments made by BBC commentator Ian Dennis after their 2-0 home loss to Burnley, and he was quick to slam the supporters who took part in a chant directed at Ed Woodward.

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For reference the report says the chant was: “Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the Glazers on the top, put Ed Woodward in the middle and burn the f***ing lot.”

Clearly Dennis was not impressed as he said the following about the fans:

“I’ve got to say, the chanting from the Manchester United supporters is an absolute disgrace. Regardless of your opinion of Ed Woodward you cannot ask for someone to die.”

“If you want to be anti the board then sing ‘sack the board’, but for those individuals who are singing that about a human being is an absolute outrage.”

Ed Woodward is one of the figures coming under a lot of criticism

Under the reign of the Glazers and Woodward they have gone from domestic domination to becoming just another top 8 club who regularly push for the Europa League, so it’s been a giant fall from grace.

It’s apparent that there is a lot of anger at the board, as evidenced by suggestions that the fans were planning a mass walkout against Wolves next month.

It’s understandable that the fans have had enough, but hopefully this kind of thing doesn’t continue.



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