Emiliano Sala fallout continues as Cardiff City LAUNCH LAWSUIT against Nantes

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We all know about the tragedy that led to Emiliano Sala’s death, but the fall out is starting to get nasty and it’s reflecting horribly on everybody involved.

I’m sure we can all agree that we hoped the clubs would reach an agreement and approach this in a dignified manner, but it’s starting to look like money is more important.

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The Argentine striker and his pilot died when their flight came down and landed in the sea, and there’s been so much bickering about who was at fault and if the transfer fee should be paid.

Things have taken an uglier turn after The Mirror reported that Cardiff have launched a lawsuit against Nantes, which specifically seems to target the owner.

It’s suggested that the lawsuit accuses the French club of manslaughter and hiding agent commissions, so allegations that big are likely to be drawn out and just make things even worse for everyone involved.

There’s still a court case under way to determine what happens with the transfer fee, but this is so much worse.

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