Major decision taken on Chinese Super League season after coronavirus outbreak

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The Chinese Super League season has been postponed as the country continues to deal with the deadly outbreak of coronavirus.

As per BBC News, the virus has now claimed 170 lives and cases of it have now been reported in every region of mainland China.

That’s 7,711 confirmed cases as of January 29, and so naturally it is a very worrying time for China, and the world at large as authorities look to try and contain it and develop a vaccine to counter the threat of death.

In turn, the sporting bodies have reach a sensible decision to postpone the start of the CSL season as that would seemingly be a dangerous breeding ground for the virus to spread further.

As per the Mirror, it is also affecting various other sporting events scheduled to take place in the country including the World Indoor athletics Championships.

A statement from the China Football Association confirmed that the decision had been made to help with the “prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and to protect the health of the majority of fans, media, players, coaches, game officials, clubs and district staff”.

A new date hasn’t been announced for when the new season will start as it was scheduled to begin on February 22, but naturally the more important task at hand is getting a grip on the coronavirus and ensuring that it doesn’t spread further and put more lives at risk.