Arsenal Invincible says Liverpool have had “luck” during unbeaten run and PL is weaker than it used to be

After 24 wins in 25 matches, Liverpool are striding toward the Premier League title in style, and with the season’s end not too far away, people are already debating where this team fits in with the list of all-time Premier League greats.

Robert Pires, one of the key players in Arsenal’s 2003/04 Invincibles season, has backed Jürgen Klopp’s side to go all the way and replicate the famous undefeated season, down to not just “the team, the results,” and “the coach,” but interesting also, he cited “luck” as a big factor for their success in an interview with France Football.

Rightly or wrongly, Liverpool have benefitted from a number of VAR decisions that could have gone either way this season, much to the ire of opposition fans wishing for them to lose.

According to the French wizard, the standard of the Premier League has dropped off somewhat in recent years too.

“Technically, the Premier League has dropped a little,” he explains. “It’s a bit of the observation that people make. When you see the numbers of Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham or Arsenal, it’s not as strong as it was a few years ago.”

The Gunners legend also wished he had the chance to see Reds stalwart Virgil Van Dijk pair up with the man leading the line for that incredible Arsenal team, Thierry Henry.

“Titi,” as Pires affectionally calls his former teammate Henry, “I know him, he is a real bastard and when you offer him a defender where you are told that he is the best, he will do everything to undermine him.”

Pires’ phenomenal Arsenal side dropped points with draws on 12 occasions, whereas this season’s Liverpool have only failed to win once, and Jürgen Klopp’s charges are only two wins away from matching the Invincibles’ win total. 

Regardless, the French star has a warning for the league leaders. To him, the biggest danger for Liverpool is when the first defeat of the season arrives, saying its psychological impact could weigh heavy.

“It is hard, because it breaks everything. You win, you win, you win, there is no problem, you are euphoric, you feel invincible, which is normal. But when you lose, it’s a real break. You are not used to it. Psychologically, you can take a hit,” Pires said.

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