West Ham fan banned from London Stadium, claims club approved his protest

The toxic atmosphere that appears to accompany every West Ham home game doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon, and one Hammers fan has bemoaned being banned from the London Stadium, particularly as he suggested the club knew he would be making a protest.

Cameron Robson shared a letter he received from the club via his official Twitter account.

In it the club detail that his actions during the recent game against Liverpool contravene their policy and, as a result he is banned from entering the London Stadium and attending any West Ham matches, home or away.

Those actions according to Hammers fan site are believed to be wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘GSB [Gold, Sullivan, Brady] out’ on it, shown in full view of the TV cameras.

In his Twitter response, Robson makes it clear he will appeal because he was under the impression he was allowed to make the protest.

“Nice to finally hear from you guys,” the post says. “LS185 give go ahead to protest, but I’m the one who is the source of danger even after going through security checks.. An appeal will be going in. Quite one sided and discriminative after being rattled by me again (In my reasonable opinion.)”

It remains to be seen if any appeal will be successful, but given that the alleged protest appeared to aim a broadside at the current owners, it’s unlikely to be treated favourably.