“Scrapping it is not an option” – Premier League fans told VAR is here to stay

Premier League fans will be disappointed to hear that VAR is not going anywhere despite a hugely unpopular debut season in the English top flight.

Despite the farce of it all often proving quite good entertainment, many seem to share the view that the introduction of video technology for key decisions has not improved the game in the way that would have been expected.

Some extremely marginal calls have seen goals ruled out this season, sometimes after a big delay, and it’s debatable if it’s really in the true spirit of the game to be debating offsides down to the last millimetre.

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As reported by BBC Sport, a YouGov poll of fans found that 67% believe the game has become less enjoyable since VAR’s introduction this season.

However, in a blow for those hoping for a return to the beautiful game they know and love, it seems the Premier League have no intention of scrapping it any time soon.

Discussing VAR, PL chief executive Richard Masters told BBC Sport: “I don’t think VAR has been damaging but I accept it needs improvement.

“Scrapping it is not an option – what we have to do is try and make VAR better.

“We are going to have a debate about what sort of VAR they would like next season and what improvements can be made to the system,” he said.

“It’s going to be a work in progress this season and next as we try to rebalance it so you get the positives of better decision-making and fewer of the perceived negatives about delay and sometimes confusion.”

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Masters also argued that, despite concerns about delay and some confusion regarding the handling of VAR, accuracy on decisions has been very high this season and Premier League viewing figures are on the rise.

He said: “In key match incidents we are up to 94% accuracy with officials, 97% with their assistants, so we are seeing an impact on results and a positive impact on the league table.

“Obviously there are issues with consistency of decision-making and delays, which people don’t like.

“But I don’t think VAR is harming the product – attendances are up, TV audiences are up, the health of the Premier League is very good.”