Manchester United launch a complaint against The Sun for their part in attack on Ed Woodward’s house

There are certain papers in Britain where nobody will be surprised if they stoop to extraordinary lows in order to generate a story and get some publicity.

Obviously the images that showed some “fans” attacking Ed Woodward’s house was troubling and awful, but there was also something that just didn’t seem right about the photos.

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Those taking part in the attacks were happy to pose and seemingly take their time, which seems unlikely if you were genuinely angry and looking for revenge.

Things could get nasty here as a BBC journalist has reported that United have launched a complaint against The Sun in regards to their involvement with the whole affair:

Those allegations are pretty big when you consider things, it’s essentially saying they had the knowledge of this and could’ve warned the police to stop anything from happening, but they decided to send a photographer and make a story out of it instead.

Who knows how this will end up, but is anyone actually surprised?

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