Bayer Leverkusen issue SAVAGE response to Man United fan after top of the table dig

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A well run and creative social media account can give a team so much easy positive PR, and it looks like the German clubs are the best at it.

Twitter has turned into a fairly lawless place recently with so many “fans” looking to hide behind a keyboard and throw shade around, but it’s probably not a great time for Man United fans.

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With everything that’s gone on in the past few years anybody associated with United is an easy target, as this fan found out when he tried to have a go at Bayer Leverkusen:

It’s incredible to think that Man United are actually 38 points behind Liverpool at this stage in the season. Sir Alex Ferguson spent so much time knocking Liverpool off their perch that he must be furious with how things have turned out.

In fairness to this Marshal character, he fully admitted he had been done by the Leverkusen response shortly afterwards:

It might be best for United fans to quietly wait the season out and hope they come back stronger next year before making these kind of comments.