Video: Astonishing scenes in Germany as keeper saves late penalty and the following indirect free kick

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It’s not uncommon to see players lose the head and react strangely immediately after a penalty save, but usually that involves celebrating too much or disrupting the keeper with the ball still in play.

The Holsten Kiel keeper does a great job of saving the penalty, but you have to think the manager will be pulling his hair out after they immediately concede an indirect free kick inside the box for a pass back.

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In the end it didn’t matter, because he saved that too:

These saves were vital as it meant they won the game 2-1, but it’s always great to be reminded how much of a farce the indirect free kick is.

You often wonder if they would be better just smacking it at the goal and hoping for a deflection rather than the lay off that makes it almost impossible to score, but St Pauli will be kicking themselves that they didn’t manage to salvage something here.