Manchester City’s 2014 title may be stripped due to back-dated points deduction

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It did seem like yesterday was probably going to be as bad as it got for Man City fans, but that might not the case.

It was reported by The Guardian that they were banned from the Champions League for two years after breaching financial fair play rules, which ignited all kinds of speculation.

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There was instantly talk about points deductions, relegation, Pep Guardiola leaving and if this could cripple them as a club in terms of their ability to challenge for trophies in the next few years.

Only it has got so much worse, after a report emerged that they could be stripped of a title:

It must be pointed out that these kinds of things are usually open to all sorts of legal proceedings so it could take months if not years for any decisions to be final, but this would be gutting for everyone involved.

it’s suggested that it could come down to the authorities proving that they breached the rules in that year to win the league, but that could be a tough one to prove beyond all doubt.

At least it surely can’t get worse after this for the fans? Or can it?