Report claims Man City could be RELEGATED TO LEAGUE TWO after UEFA ruling

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It’s likely that nothing will actually be confirmed for some time, but this looks set to be a chastening few days if you happen to be a Man City fan.

The football world was shocked when UEFA announced they had been banned from the Champions League for two seasons for breaching their financial fair play rules.

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Their rise and spending does suggest that something wasn’t quite right in a financial sense, but you could also argue they are an easy target and their absence won’t hurt UEFA’s revenue too much, so they chose to take on City rather than the other elite clubs.

The latest news does seem deeply unlikely, but The Daily Star have reported that City could face a points deduction and even relegation to League Two after this ruling.

They suggest that you need to supply true accounting information to obtain a licence to play in the Premier League, and the Football League rules were recently changed to state anyone in this situation would be placed in League Two.

They also indicate that a points deduction seems to be the most likely scenario and City have vowed to fight the verdict, but it will be a worrying time for them until everything is fully confirmed.