“It’s not good enough”: Frank Lampard slams VAR after terrible decision during Chelsea vs Spurs

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Every week we see some kind of controversy where VAR seemingly fails to make or overturn a fairly simple decision, so something needs to change.

We’ve already reached a stage where players seem scared to celebrate a goal, while the game can become disjointed after a potential incident as everyone just waits for a break in play so VAR can take over.

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It seems like we are just waiting for one truly horrific mistake to force the authorities into action, and the failure to send Giovani Lo Celso off today could be that watershed moment.

He clearly stamped on the Chelsea player, VAR looked at it but didn’t do anything, only for an announcement to come out later on to say they got it wrong.

Frank Lampard was asked about it after the game and it’s clear that he’s not impressed at all:

In some ways this could actually work out well for the game. It’s such a farce that something will need to be done, but Chelsea still won the game so the result wasn’t affected.

Clearly some refs will have a lot of explaining to do after this.

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