Barcelona players face Coronavirus screening ahead of their Champions League clash with Napoli

The spread of the Coronavirus has been big news for weeks now, but we’re now starting to see some serious cases arise in Europe.

The BBC reported that several Serie A games have been called off due to fears about the virus spreading, so many fans in Spain will be wondering how that will impact Barcelona as they prepare to face Napoli next week.

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It doesn’t sound like there’s any fears of that game being called off at this point, but extra precautions will be taken.

As reported by Football-Espana, the Barcelona squad will need to undergo screening for the virus when they arrive in Italy, but will only need to go through some more vigorous tests if they have a fever or high temperature.

It sounds like all of the cases in Italy have been confined to the north, while Napoli is in the south which is why their game was able to go ahead this weekend.

It’s also worth remembering that the disease can spread quickly so it’s worth keeping an eye on the situation as we get closer to the game.