‘No guarantee’ Liverpool would be champions if coronavirus stops Premier League season

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Reports have claimed the Premier League may have to hold crisis talks amid the threat of coronavirus and what it could mean for Liverpool’s title tilt.

The Merseyside giants are coasting towards the title this season as with 11 games remaining, they sit 22 points clear of nearest rivals Man City.

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It seems just a matter of time before they end their long wait for a league crown, but now they face a new threat which could deny them.

As reported by The Telegraph, there is ‘no guarantee’ that Liverpool would be crowned champions if the coronavirus prevented the season from being completed. If the government decided that things needed to be shut down and safety measures dictated that events couldn’t take place for up to two months, there is nothing in place to guarantee the title would go to Anfield.

Further, the same applies to the relegation battle as there would be no guarantee that the bottom three clubs would drop down.

No specific regulation is said to be in place currently to govern such a situation, and so in the event that it did stop the teams from completing the campaign, that would then spark the calls for crisis talks for the Premier League officials to determine what would happen next.

It’s suggested that things could just stand as they are, or the entire campaign could be ‘rendered null and void’.

While we’re not quite at that stage yet, it’s worth noting that a number of Serie A games are being played behind closed doors in the coming days as there has been a serious outbreak in the north of the country.

If the situation were to worsen, it remains to be seen what the FIGC would decide, while the English FA will also keep a close eye on matters as they may be forced into some difficult decisions themselves in the coming weeks.