Klopp responds to claims of weak Premier League helping Liverpool this season

Suggestions have been made a weak Premier League has helped Liverpool this season, but Jurgen Klopp isn’t having any of it.

Despite the brilliance that they have displayed this season, there are seemingly some who still want to downplay Liverpool’s success as they continue to close in on the Premier League title.

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The Merseyside giants have won 26 of their 27 league games thus far as they remain unbeaten, while scoring 64 goals and conceding just 17.

That has led to them sitting 22 points clear at the top of the table, while they remain in contention for the FA Cup and Champions League too.

Their relentless march towards the title deserves credit, and Klopp evidently isn’t interested in the theory that a ‘weak’ Premier League has helped them dominate.

“I couldn’t care less,” he is quoted as saying by the Mirror. “I don’t think that any Liverpool supporter should have any concern for things like this.

“If other people think like that – if they really think City are not as good as they were – then I can say they are.They have scored a few more goals than us but have conceded a few more than us and if you look why it is clear they have been missing some players.

“The other teams are really strong too. Yes, Bayern Munich beat Tottenham and Chelsea [in the Champions League] but they are both unbelievably strong over a season. They have had some problems, that’s all true, but in the moment that you play them you don’t feel that they have these problems.

“We have no influence on the points they have, apart from the games when we played them. And these games are always proper games whether it is Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal , City or Manchester United. That is clear and while we have won most of those games so far they were always difficult. So that says nothing about the [lowering] quality of the Premier League, especially when you look at City’s win over Real Madrid.

“They are one of the best teams in the world maybe at the moment and they were clearly better so that shows as well how strong the league is. When we played Watford , Norwich and West Ham they didn’t look like teams in the bottom three.”

Klopp makes several valid points, and ultimately while it’s easy to pick out certain factors or moments through the season where some believe they have been fortunate, you arguably make your own luck and can only beat what’s put in front of you.

Liverpool have made a brilliant habit out of doing exactly that over the past two seasons, and it’s just a matter of time before they have another trophy to celebrate rather than worry about what the detractors are saying…

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