One Everton fan reveals master-plan to deal with Liverpool potentially winning the title at Goodison Park

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One Everton fan has posted a suggestion for dealing with the fact that Liverpool might actually win the Premier League title on their ground this season.

It is still mathematically possible for the Reds to be crowned champions with a win in their meeting at Goodison Park on March 16, even if it is a tad unlikely.

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Liverpool just lost 3-0 to Watford yesterday, so may have to wait a little longer to win the league, but more bad results from Manchester City could give them the chance to lift the trophy at the ground of their Merseyside rivals.

Needless to say, this is probably every Everton fan’s worst nightmare, but this Reddit user has proposed one way of at least limiting the damage…

To be fair, this would be a pretty incredible sight to behold, so we’re not actually sure it would have the desired effect, in a way!

Anyway, whilst Everton fans may be dreading this, we imagine Liverpool supporters aren’t nearly as bothered and will just want the title wrapped up as quickly as realistically possible. They’ve waited thirty years for this, they can probably settle for a few more weeks.