Incredible stat shows how much VAR has benefited Manchester United this season

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It didn’t feel like Man United were benefiting too much from VAR this season, but the past few weeks have changed that.

From the Harry Maguire incident against Chelsea, Watford’s disallowed goal and then Everton’s late winner today being chalked off, it appears the talk of “VARchester United” has reached deafening levels.

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A lot of the decisions may have been harsh but you can also understand why they were made, but it’s interesting when you compare how much VAR has benefited United vs the other teams in the league:

It’s an interesting one to think about, because the fans can rightfully claim that these decisions have been reviewed by a qualified referee and therefore it means the correct decision has been reached.

The problem with that is we’ve seen plenty of issues with the system this year and even occasions where the refs have admitted to getting it wrong, so that will only fuel talk of bias.

It already seems inevitable that United will be harshly done by with a decision later on in the season that slightly evens things out, but that won’t be any consolation to anyone.