Juventus vs Inter Milan expected to be cancelled due to ongoing Coronavirus concerns

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Your level of concern about the Coronavirus may depend on which country you come from, but it’s clear that Italy has started to become affected in a big way.

Of course football is trivial when you consider that actual lives are at risk, but we’ve seen plenty of games getting suspended in recent weeks.

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It does make you wonder if a blanket shutdown will be coming, but it sounds like the game between Juventus and Inter Milan will be the latest to face a delay:

There may be calls from certain quarters for games to be played behind closed doors for now, but that still results in plenty of traveling and human contact so it seems like postponements are the only way to go for now.

It’s also not clear what will happen to the un-played fixtures, it may even depend on how long it takes to get the spread of the virus under control.

There’s not been any talk of postponing EURO 2020 at this point so it doesn’t seem feasible to extend the tournament into the Summer when so many players would be unavailable, but you have to think a decision will need to be made soon.