Marcus Bent explains 2015 incident when he was tasered by police while high on cocaine

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Marcus Bent has opened up on a scary incident back in 2015 which resulted in him being tasered and arrested by police.

The 41-year-old has endured a turbulent time since hanging up his boots, never more so than in 2015 when he called police to his home as he hallucinated while high on cocaine.

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As reported by The Sun, via the Athletic, Bent called police to his home as he feared he was at risk with someone in his apartment.

A battering ram was used to get themselves in as they could hear him from inside, but they were then confronted by Bent himself who was holding a meat cleaver and a knife which in turn gave the officers in question no option but to taser him while in fear of their own lives.

After a search of the property, police found no one else inside, and now Bent has clarified what happened and revealed the terror that he was going through while being under the influence.

“I was paranoid. I was hallucinating,” he told the Athletic. “I felt there were people in my house. I remember thinking the door handle was moving.

“I called the police and I picked up something to defend myself. When the police came, I went to the door with these knives.

“If I think back, obviously I should have put the knives down but I wasn’t in a good way. So, of course, they were terrified — someone who’s on drugs, someone who’s paranoid, with two knives.

“They tasered me and I think you know the rest. But I remember going into the police station and actually feeling secure and safe. ‘I’m locked up now. No one can get me’.

“That’s how my mind was at that time. Then, the next morning, there was talk of me being charged with attempted murder. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“At no point was I ever going to take someone’s life. I called them because I was hallucinating, paranoid, terrified.”

After receiving a 12-month suspended prison sentence after admitting affray and possession of cocaine, he was declared bankrupt last year but has now been clean for four years as he puts his life back together and tries to put the incident behind him while undoubtedly being relieved that no injuries were sustained.

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