“What’s going on lads?”: These Liverpool fans fume as FA Cup exit piles the pressure on their Champions League second leg

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It seems absurd to say this about this Liverpool team, but if they don’t manage to progress against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League then their season is effectively over.

Of course they will win the league at a canter and go down as one of the best Premier League winners of all time, but there’s not much else to play for. Their unbeaten record and now the FA Cup is done, so it puts a lot of pressure on the Champions League campaign.

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We’ve already seen that they have no intention of taking the FA Cup seriously but that’s not to say it doesn’t mean anything to the fans.

If anything there’s a slight unhappiness spreading through some of the support after recent games, and tonight’s loss to Chelsea has irritated a lot of people:

The game against Atletico now looks set to be especially tense, and the outcome will have a huge bearing on how this season is viewed.

If they go on to win the Champions League and the Premier League then no one will really care about the cup, but a loss to Diego Simeone’s men could really tarnish a season that had the potential to be truly outstanding.