FIFA Ultimate Team collection costs executive £13,000, files complaint against EA Sports citing addiction

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For anyone that has an interest in football games played via console, then a staple of their playing routine is on the EA Sports release, FIFA.

Over the years, the graphics, gameplay and overall quality has improved immeasurably, providing a totally immersive experience for many.

The odd glitch aside, the popularity of the game really isn’t a surprise, with noting that there were 45 million unique players using the game in its various formats during the 2019 fiscal year.

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FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT for short) requires players to spend extra money in order to build a dream team of the world’s best players, in order to compete online.

For one person, however, that dream has turned into a nightmare.

According to the Sun, a 38-year-old company CEO, who has been given the false name, ‘Bruno,’ has spent £13,000 on trying to get his team together, and has now filed a complaint against EA Sports because of his addiction.

“[It was] a nightmare. I wasted £13k in three years, it really was a vicious circle,” Bruno said.

“[I started by] spending £8.68 to try to improve my team. Then I did it again once, then twice.

“I always thought it was the last time, but the system is made so that it pushes you to pay without really realising it.

“In the end, I no longer had a social life, I spent all my time on FUT, every evening, every weekend.

“It was like a drug no one has warned you about.”

If nothing else, this news should really serve as a warning to youngsters in particular.

Whilst console games are supposed to be a form of relaxation for many, it’s clear that, in some instances, that’s definitely not the case.