Premier League confirm plan to ban pre-match handshakes until further notice

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The Premier League have announced plans to scrap pre-match handshakes between players until further notice due to the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The English top flight has long had players line up and all shake hands with each other before games kick off, and it will no doubt be strange to see this new system in place.

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According to the Premier League’s statement on their official site, teams will continue to line up in a similar way but will walk past each other without making hand contact.

Coronavirus has dominated news headlines lately and this health scare has now taken its toll on the world of football as well.

The Premier League have banned handshakes, while Serie A are now due to play matches behind closed doors until late April due to the spread of the illness in Italy.

It must be said that this seems a slightly strange move as players will still be close to each other and in contact on the pitch due to football being a contact sport.

However, if the spreading of the virus can be restricted in even the smallest way, it will likely be worth it.