Fans could be banned from Premier League games due to Coronavirus outbreak

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Fans could be banned from watching Premier League games in stadiums on account of the Coronavirus outbreak, as per reports in the Mirror.

The possibility of a ban on fans attending games is to be discussed by government officials and sports authorities in a meeting tomorrow.

At the moment, fans are allowed to attend Premier League games at club stadiums across England as usual.

Ministers and senior government officials are to discuss a plan of banning fans from stadiums if the Coronavirus crisis intensifies any further.

There is a stark possibility of Premier League games being played in empty stadiums with government officials keen to contain the spread of the virus.

The ban on spectators attending games in stadiums is to be discussed for all sports taking place in England, not just football.

A Premier League source as quoted by the Mirror said earlier last night: “We have plans in place and can implement them immediately if we are told to play matches in empty stadiums for health reasons.”

“As yet that has not been close to happening but we are following official guidelines and advice from health officials and they will take that decision, not us.”

The meeting is to be attended by the FA, Premier League and EFL officials at the government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in London.

This comes shortly after the Premier League put a stop to customary pre-match handshakes and banning players from taking pictures and signing autographs with fans.

At the moment though, until a decision is taken, fans are allowed to attend Premier League games as usual.