Cristiano Ronaldo stays away from Juventus training to avoid Coronavirus as Serie A shutdown looms

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It’s become clear that the Coronavirus has spread too much in some countries to justify football or any sporting competitions continuing.

In many ways it’s a huge shame, football is the ultimate escape for many fans and it allows them to forget about the issues with modern life, but we also can’t risk the virus spreading any more than it already has.

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Of course there will always be attention given to the biggest names when it comes to the current situation, and it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is taking some special measures to keep himself safe.

According to a report from Goal, Serie A has been suspended, while Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to stay away from Juve training to avoid any risk of the virus.

Instead he’s staying in Madeira for now, but it seems that Maurizio Sarri has ordered his players to continue with training so this could be an interesting one if the doesn’t return soon.

Italy has been one of the worst hit European countries so you can’t really blame him for staying away, but there’s no sign of when he plans to return at this point.


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