Bad news for Man United’s owners as claims emerge that the Coronavirus has wiped out half a BILLION from the club’s value

We all expect the full fall out and ramifications from the Coronavirus crisis to come out in the next few months, but this claim is a difficult one to figure out.

We often hear about the stock markets in the news and how much of an impact this is having on them, but it’s probably just a minority of the population that will be significantly impacted by a sharp rise or fall.

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Manchester United are listed on the stock exchange so they could be impacted by this, and this Tweet claims they have lost half a billion in value over the past few weeks:

It’s the kind of news that’s quite difficult to process, because it’s hard to tell what kind of impact this will have. Thoughts might go to wondering if this will make it easier or harder for a buyer to come in and take over the club, while the fans may also wonder how this will impact their upcoming transfer plans.

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the claim and seeing if anyone with financial nous can give an explanation over what this might mean for the club going forward.