Boris Johnson provides update on potentially suspending Premier League

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has provided an update on potentially banning sporting events such as the Premier League due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK.

The spread of coronavirus in recent weeks has been one of the biggest stories in world news, and it’s starting to majorly affect football in Europe and all parts of the world.

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For now, however, it seems the Premier League will not be postponed, with Johnson saying that the government is currently only considering such measures for the near future.

“We are considering banning major public events like sporting fixtures,” the PM is quoted by BBC Sport.

“The scientific advice is this has little effect on the spread – but it does place a burden on other public services.”

This perhaps sounds a risky strategy due to other countries clearly taking stronger measures against this, with several leagues around the world now suspended for at least a few weeks.

Some games are continuing to go ahead, but a growing number are being played behind closed doors, with coronavirus tending to spread more rapidly in big crowds.

It remains to be seen if the Premier League season can realistically go on for much longer as it seems likely the UK will eventually follow suit with what other countries are doing to tackle the spread of this illness.

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