“Fabregas for Prime Minister” – These fans respond to ex-Premier League star talking more sense than Boris Johnson on coronavirus

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Many fans are praising Cesc Fabregas for his put-down of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

The illness is spreading all across the world and many other countries are taking far stronger measures than the UK has in trying to prevent it spreading further.

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Johnson has today announced his government’s latest plans, and many have reacted with surprise as he doesn’t seem eager to cancel sporting events or close schools, despite this being done elsewhere.

While one would hope the PM has consulted the very best experts on this before coming to his decision, it does admittedly come across like a rather half-hearted response to such a serious issue.

Fabregas clearly wasn’t impressed, and it’s hard to argue with the Spaniard’s logic as he points out Johnson is clearly expecting the virus to spread and for things like schools to have to close anyway at some point.

The former Arsenal and Chelsea star cannot see why the UK won’t do what others are doing and act now, and some people think he’s showing more sense on this than the Prime Minister himself…

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