Further Coronavirus ramifications for US Sport as MLS to be suspended

We’re starting to see most leagues suspending their operations due to the Coronavirus outbreak around the world, and it seems the USA is the latest country to be affected.

It sounds like the NBA has been suspended while the preparations for the NFL draft are also being impacted, so it only seemed like a matter of time before MLS would be impacted too.

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That now seems to be the case after Grant Wahl posted on Twitter that the league was set to be suspended:

Obviously it’s being in done in the interests of public safety so that should be applauded, but it’s a big blow for the league.

Even if you don’t think the standard of play is that high, the games do tend to be entertaining and there’s a chance to see some great players score some wonderful goals.

One of the main attractions to overseas audiences was the fact that it was football being played during the Summer which is also welcome, but realistically nobody knows how long the shut down will last at this point.