Journalist says he’s been in contact with Juventus star and he does not have the Coronavirus

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Of course the whole situation around the world with the Coronavirus is horrible and so many lives are being affected, but it’s also had a massive effect on football.

We’ve reached the stage where players and coaching staff are testing positive for the virus and although that could happen in general life, it will raise questions about leagues not being suspended sooner.

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It seems there’s also some misinformation going around that won’t help things, and it must be the case that Paulo Dybala was reported to have tested positive, because a journalist has come out to deny that:

He says that he’s contacted the player to discuss this and Dybala insisted that he’s in perfect condition and it sounds like Juventus are in control of looking after their players just now.

Italy is one of the countries that’s been hit the hardest so it’s not a surprise to hear of cases affecting players there, but thankfully this time it seems to have been a false alarm.

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