Why Premier League clubs fear season won’t be completed amid coronavirus outbreak

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Premier League clubs reportedly fear that the season won’t be completed after an initial announcement to postpone all games until next month.

The league officially confirmed that all games across all leagues are suspended, with the intention being that they will return on April 4 onwards with games to be rescheduled.

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With so many specific battles and competitions still left to run their course, it could prove to be a real nightmare for the football authorities to organise everything and ensure that all games are played to allow for a fair end which will in turn keep all concerned happy.

However, as per the Mirror, there is a fear among Premier League clubs that the season will not be completed for various reasons.

It’s suggested that clubs have no confidence at all in fixtures taking place on April 4 onwards due to the projections from health experts which suggest that the coronavirus outbreak won’t peak in England for another 12 to 14 weeks.

Further, much will hinge on UEFA’s decision next week after their meeting as postponing EURO 2020 to free up the summer schedule would be the only way fixtures could be played across countless domestic leagues which have all ground to a halt this week.

Nevertheless, it’s added in the report above that one senior executive at a Premier League club has conceded that they expect games to resume in May “at the earliest”, which is also a problem given it will impact the schedule for next season and potentially push that back to create more problems.

There is of course one other major problem.

As seen over the past few days, with the likes of Callum Hudson-Odoi and Mikel Arteta testing positive for coronavirus in England, it leads to a shut down at those clubs as the players and staff have to self-isolate for a period.

If further cases emerge once players and the public are allowed to come into contact with each other again in the coming months, that could lead to further stoppages and an inability to finish the season.

Time will tell how the situation plays out, but it doesn’t look positive as far as finishing the campaign is concerned as per the report above, and that could have huge knock-on effects.