Breakdown of £10billion hit facing English football over coronavirus

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The coronavirus crisis looks set to do serious financial damage to English football, with clubs in the Premier League and Championship alone facing a hit of over £10billion.

As neatly broken down in a report from the Daily Star, this is due to the money clubs will miss out on from matchday revenue, TV rights and prize money for certain competitions.

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The Premier League has just followed other major European leagues in suspending the season for at least a month, though many experts think it will probably end up being for longer, while there are doubts if the 2019/20 campaign can really be finished at all.

Even if teams can return to playing over the summer, one imagines it would still be the most sensible thing for games to be played behind closed doors, and the lack of matchday revenue could really hit a lot of the smaller clubs in particular.

Here’s a full breakdown of the financial hit English football looks set to take due to coronavirus…

Matchday Revenue:

Premier League: £100m

EFL Championship: £36m

League One: £6.9m

League Two: £3.6m

Matchday Revenue total loss: £146.5m

Prize Money:

FA Cup: £15m

Champions League: £64m

Europa League: £26m

Prize money total loss: £105m

Domestic TV Rights:

Premier League: £750m

Championship: £30m

TV Rights total loss: £780m

PL Club Value:

PL Club Value total loss: £9.25billion