Uefa to hold talks over plans to salvage Champions League and Europa League this season

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Uefa will reportedly hold talks over how to ensure the Champions League and Europa League can be finished this season.

According to the Telegraph, it’s being suggested that the competition will be held in one location and over a shorter time period.

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Specifically, they state the idea being mooted is to hold both the semi-finals and final over a four-day period, with all games being played in Istanbul for the Champions League, and Gdansk for the Europa League.

The report also mentions the possibility of playing all ties over one leg instead of two this season, but no final decision has been made yet.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with, but it seems likely that it will make sense to keep travel at a bare minimum over the next few months.

All competitions have been suspended at the moment, with the Premier League currently pencilled in to resume on April 3, even if there is the growing sense that that now looks a tad ambitious.

The report adds that Euro 2020 will inevitably be moved to December, which would make it easier for the club season to finish in the summer or indeed at any point later this year.