Premier League players concerned it’s too soon to return to training

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Premier League players are reportedly concerned about returning to training with their clubs too soon as coronavirus continues to spread in the UK.

According to the Daily Mirror, players are due to start training this week, despite the Premier League only just being put on hold until at least April 3.

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It seems likely that the English top flight and other major leagues may well be suspended for a great deal longer than that, but it’s certainly an unclear situation and tricky to make any concrete predictions.

Still, it perhaps makes sense that players seem to be nervous about such a quick return to training when spending some time in self isolation seems the most sensible thing for everyone to do.

Of course, it also makes sense for top level footballers to be keeping fit in case they do end up playing again soon, but there may be better ways of going about that.

One imagines most players have decent facilities at their homes, or that they could easily afford to invest in some if they don’t have them at the moment.