“Practically useless”: Former Italian international Nicola Legrottaglie hits out at Boris Johnson over COVID-19 approach

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It seems fair to say that if you run your country in a way that fairly obscure former Italian internationals are dismayed by your actions, then you must be doing a truly horrific job.

Nicola Legrottaglie is a former Italian international defender who is best known for his playing spell at Juventus, but he’s now in charge of Pescara in Serie B.

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Of course there’s no football going on just now and the global situation with the COVID-19 virus is taking most of the attention, particularly in Italy where they have been badly affected.

It’s not clear how he got onto this topic, but a report from Ansa has looked at some comments he made towards Boris Johnson’s approach to dealing with the outbreak, and his assessment is about as damning as it gets:

“Herd immunity, he orders. 60% of the population will fall ill. Those who will have the age and strength to survive will go on; the elderly, those affected by other diseases, the weak … and oh well, patience, they will do without it. A country that abandons the weak is like a doctor who treats only the healthy, practically useless.”

It’s only been a matter of days without football and already we’ve descended into wheeling old players out to ask their opinions on the matter, but it just goes to show that the rest of the world continues to be bewildered by Britain’s approach to this.




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