Report from Spain details the remarkable level of paranoia displayed by Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid

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When Jose Mourinho arrived at Real Madrid it looked like he was going to be the Galactico signing of that Summer – one who would lead them into an era of dominance over Barcelona.

Of course what actually happened was he managed to destroy the entire dressing room and also his own reputation, and it’s something that he’s never truly recovered from.

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There are so many examples from his clubs which show that players either loved or hated him, but a report from Marca has detailed how much control he wanted to have, and perhaps just how insecure he was.

They talk about his arrival at Madrid and his determination to smoke out any moles in the changing room.

They claim that he warned the players in his first couple of days that he knew there were some cameras in the changing room, but he also started to accuse players of leaking things to the media and the relationships deteriorated from there.

Things came to a head when a starting line up was leaked to the media before it was initially announced, and that just angered Mourinho further.

Since is time at Real Madrid he’s been heralded as a hero at Chelsea and Man United before being driven out by fed-up fans, and that pattern seems to be repeating its-self at Spurs too.

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