Title blow for Barcelona as Spanish Federation rules out handing them the title

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It feels like every single country is currently debating whether to hand their current league leaders the title or not.

The situation varies, with teams like Liverpool who were obviously going to win the title, while Barcelona and Real Madrid are only two points apart so that race still had a lot of life left in it.

The biggest issue just now is that nobody knows when play can start again, so it’s unlikely that any decision will come soon.

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Despite that, there was a feeling that Barcelona may have been handed the title, but a recent report from AS has dismissed the chances of that happening.

They quote the president of the Spanish Federation Luis Rubiales in saying that Barcelona will not be handed the title if the league doesn’t finish.

It’s still unclear what will actually happen, as he also states that it’s possible all the games won’t be played by the current deadline of June 30th, but he doesn’t actually say what will happen to the title in that case.

It’s clear that everything is still up in the air, but Barcelona shouldn’t be expecting the title to be handed to them after this.