Possible disaster for Hearts as staff and players asked to take huge pay cut amid COVID-19 crisis

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You have to fear that this won’t be the only club that suffers some serious financial issues over the next few months.

Hearts have gone though a lot in recent years, administration relegated them a few years ago and they’ve actually been run very well since, but it seems the current COVID-19 crisis is starting to catch up with them:

Scottish football does get some TV money from Sky and BT, but it’s nothing like the amounts we see down south, so most clubs are operating on a fine line when it comes to finances.

Hearts are currently bottom of the table and did throw some money around in January to try and turn things around, but this now sounds like they could be in serious trouble.

It always looked like they might struggle if they went down again anyway, so this period without games and tickets to provide income could be a tough one to overcome.

Hopefully they manage to come through it, but it’s a worrying time to support anyone who isn’t a rich/elite club right now.