Video: Great gesture from Gary Neville as he announces hotel chain will pay staff and allow NHS workers to stay for free

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It’s one of the biggest issues right now – most people cannot afford to take unpaid leave from work, so self isolation isn’t an option and that means a lot of the population have to risk their own and each other’s health to go to work every day.

The news is full of multi millionaires bemoaning the fact they can’t pay staff and crying to the government for hand outs, so it’s great to see this gesture from Gary Neville when talking about his hotels:

He confirms that although the hotel will need to close down for now, staff will still get paid, and he also announced that health workers will be able to stay there for free if they need to stay isolated from family members.

In a time when a lot of people are showing their true greed and the worst of themselves, this needs to be applauded and followed by others.

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